19 tweets about doing taxes to read while you procrastinate doing your taxes

19 tweets about doing taxes to read while you procrastinate doing your taxes

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Taxes are emotionally taxing.
Taxes are emotionally taxing.

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We regret to inform you it’s tax season once again.

Sadly, every year the time comes when people must either sit in front of a bunch of paperwork and think about their finances, or pay someone else to do it for them.

Filing taxes is an extremely unpleasant and confusing task, so it makes sense that many people put it off for as long as possible. If you’re a tax procrastinator, you’re not alone, and while we definitely won’t do your taxes for you, we’d love to help entertain you while you agonize over them.

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If you loathe doing your taxes or are lost on how to get started, here are 19 relatable tweets to take comfort in reading while you fail to file.

do my taxes or make a sims house full of Julianne Moores??? see yall in prison

— Carina Hsieh (@carinahsieh) March 11, 2019

Tax forms are just one long roast of my personal and financial situation

Form: “Are you married”

Me: “No”

Form: “Kids”

Me: “No”

Form: “Do you have property”

Me: “No”

Form: “I mean…do you have friends at least?”

— Nikhil Krishnan (@nikillinit) March 9, 2019

I went through 12 years of grade school and college and a master degree and never learned from any of them how to do my taxes

… sometimes I think about that

— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) March 9, 2019

I am a very strong, independent woman but I WILL let my dad do my taxes for the rest of my life

— Sarah Wainschel (@Swainsch) March 10, 2019

I just want someone to come over and hang out with me while I do my taxes

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) March 9, 2019

I was gonna do my taxes today but then I spent 20 minutes trying to get pictures of my cat eating a banana peel so here ya go sorry IRS pic.twitter.com/1Kx5weO6hJ

— Anna Rumer (@AnnaRumer) March 7, 2019

Whelp 20 years old and don’t know how to file my taxes but at least I can play hot cross buns on a plastic recorder, thanks public school

— HanSue (@Hannasuewilson) March 1, 2019

Before I file these taxes do anybody on here know how to fake a death? No reason in particular

— Landon Romano (@landonromano) February 27, 2019

I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown trying to do my taxes. This shit is so fucked up and boring and my eyes are just going blurry on this screen covered in random numbers and I keep losing my place and I need a drink

— Colin Louis Dieden (@ColinDieden) February 18, 2019

Wish high school taught me something useful like how to get a good job or do my taxes 🤧 instead they flood my brain with thesis statements essays and trigonometry

— Evolve Reapuuh🦋 (@reapuuh) March 7, 2019

every year i debate whether it would be easier to file my taxes or to abandon my life and live off the grid in the wilderness, foraging for berries and collecting rainwater

— puppyteeth (@jaikpuppyteeth) March 6, 2019

i’m straight up guessing on my taxes. like “do you have anything else to declare?” man only thing i need to declare is i’m an idiot please do this for me

— Sage Boggs (@sageboggs) March 4, 2019

My son keeps texting me for tax advice. He’s known for 24 yrs that I have a THEATRE DEGREE. I only act like I file my taxes.

— 🎭ᑌᖇᔕᑌᒪᗩ🎭 (@3sunzzz) March 10, 2019

my dad just discovered bitmoji and has been sending me passive aggressive bitmojis every morning to remind me to do my taxes

— morgan sung (@morgan_sung) March 9, 2019

I’m glad I learned about parallelograms in school instead of how to do taxes. It’s really coming in handy this parallelogram season.

— Helen McCready, CSA (@HelenMcCready) March 3, 2019

I don’t know who needs to hear this but…. file your taxes

— Alee Reneau (@aleereneau) February 16, 2019

Good luck out there, and here’s hoping next tax season will suck a lot less.

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