A wildfire in Ireland has uncovered a remarkable sight from World War II

A wildfire in Ireland has uncovered a remarkable sight from World War II

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A Second World War-era sign has been rediscovered after a gorse fire ravaged a hillside on the east coast of Ireland. 

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The Irish Air Corps and Garda Air Support Unit spotted that a fire had exposed an old “Éire 8 sign” — a landmark dating back to World War — on Bray Head, in County Wicklow. 

During the war, the word Éire — which means Ireland in the Irish language — was carved into 80 headlands around Ireland to warn allied and German bombers that they were flying over a neutral territory. 

Fires on Bray Head expose amazing World War 2 landmarks. The fires exposed the old Eire 8 sign,which is in reasonable condition. Photos courtesy of the Garda Air Support Unit, which is a mixed unit operated by Air Corps Pilots and Garda specialists. @gardainfo @opwireland pic.twitter.com/4vvg3HIjQv

— Irish Air Corps (@IrishAirCorps) August 4, 2018

Let’s get a closer look at those photos: 

Image: Irish air corps

Image: irish air corps

The Garda Air Support Unit said they’d never seen the sign at this location before. 

A Garda Air Support Unit crew spotted that the fire on Bray Head has revealed an “EIRE” sign dating from the Second World War.

We see these around the coastline but haven’t seen this before. pic.twitter.com/I6cwIrIori

— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) August 4, 2018


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