‘Animal Crossing’ fans used elaborate rituals to summon a new game

‘Animal Crossing’ fans used elaborate rituals to summon a new game

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2018%2f07%2f11%2fcc%2fwebp.netresizeimage4.f6ff3By Xavier Piedra

It’s been years since the last Animal Crossing game. Some fans got so desperate that they started performing elaborate rituals to summon a new one — and maybe it worked?

Nintendo and announced a new entry in the series for the Switch yesterday during a Nintendo Direct. Sure, the company most likely had this announcement planned way in advance, but what if other supernatural elements were at play? A quick glance through Twitter reveals that many fans had arranged their Animal Crossing games, cases, Amiibos, and cards into pentagrams in hopes of materializing a new game.

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It may be strange, but you have to admit some of the patterns are quite impressive.

Seeing images of adorable cartoony animals arranged in an occult symbol is easily something out of a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode, and I’m here for it. Regardless, you can’t hate on the dedication of these stans.

And hey! It paid off in the end because they got their new game — even if it wasn’t technically the work of the spirits. Perhaps there is some sort of secret these Animal Crossing witches are hiding that we don’t know about.

I did an Animal Crossing Switch ritual, just in case. I have no hope whatsoever for Animal Crossing making an appearance tomorrow, but I have the amiibo, so I may as well do something with them. pic.twitter.com/yBdF18Wdt0

— Old Man Stonebridge (@Smacktendo) September 13, 2018

Excuse me while I arrange my Pokémon plushies into a pentagram to increase my chances of catching a shiny. 

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