‘Dora the Explorer’ movie star Isabela Moner shows off her costume

‘Dora the Explorer’ movie star Isabela Moner shows off her costume

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Whatever your opinion may be of a live-action Dora the Explorer movie, there’s no denying that star Isabela Moner has the look down.

On Friday, Moner posted a photo of herself in costume on her personal Instagram page. The caption accompanying the photo is as straightforward as such things get: “So excited to show you the First Look of me as #DoraTheExplorer.”

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See for yourself:

The animated TV series keeps up with Dora’s adventures as a 7-year-old adventure-seeker armed with a purple backpack and a talking monkey named Boots. Dora’s Hispanic identity is an important part of the show, with much of its educational output revolving around the Spanish language.

The upcoming movie — which has reportedly been in development at Paramount in some form since 2015 — picks up later in Dora’s life. Moner’s teenage version of the character lives in the city with her adventuring pal, Diego.

Michael Bay is producing the live-action adaptation, with Nicholas Stoller writing the script and James Bobin directing. It’s yet another collaboration for Stoller and Bobin, who also worked together on The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted.

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