Gifts for her 2018: Best gifts for the lady in your life

Gifts for her 2018: Best gifts for the lady in your life

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1.You’ve been planning gifts all year and cannot handle keeping them a secret.

2. You push off gift shopping until the last minute and end up begging her friends for ideas.

If you’re in the latter camp, we get it — picking out the perfect gift to encapsulate how much she means to you can be a lot of pressure.

Obviously, you know that wowing her is a must — but what’s actually romantic is proving that you actually put thought into it. Flowers, chocolate, and blinged-out jewelry are nice, but they tiptoe the generic line and sometimes scream, “I literally did not try at all.” Sure, they make great stocking stuffers, but assuming that every woman wants those cliché gifts is a bit archaic, right?

Instead, we’re suggesting gifts that show that you listen to her: Gifts that she’s mentioned in passing, gifts that accompany her favorite hobby, or gifts that will fix a specific problem she complains about. Even if they’re not technically personalized, they still kinda are.

We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for each type of woman, including tech devices, self care items, subscription boxes, and more. It’s all stuff with a specific purpose that she’ll use over and over again, and every time she does, she’ll think of you. (Cue heart eyes emoji.) 

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