Hannah Gadsby’s one-minute of Emmys glory stole the show

Hannah Gadsby’s one-minute of Emmys glory stole the show

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Hannah Gadsby has got us thinking about jokes again.
Hannah Gadsby has got us thinking about jokes again.

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What are jokes anyway?

A delight in an often lacklustre Emmys, Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby pretty much stole the show on Monday with her brilliantly dry, but very funny bit while handing out the Outstanding Director for a Drama Series award.

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Hosting alone, Gadsby took some time to acknowledge how amazing it was to be there, with her free outfit and everything thanks to the people who didn’t quite get Nanette

“This is not, normal? The world’s gone a bit crazy. I mean, for somebody like me — a nobody from nowhere — gets this sweet gig. Free suit, new boots, just cause I don’t like men?” she said. 

“That’s a joke, of course. Just jokes, fellas, calm down. You know, #NotAllMen, but a lot of ’em. No, it is just jokes, but what are jokes these days? We don’t know. 

“Nobody knows what jokes are. Especially not men. Am I right, fellas? That’s why I’m presenting alone.”

Since the release of her Netflix special, Gadsby said she has been on the receiving end of criticism of men who don’t think she is funny. But hey! She don’t care.

I don’t have an issue with all the angry men telling me that I am not funny. I just wish they would at least try and express their disproportionate feelings about comedy in a more humorous way.

— Hannah Gadsby (@Hannahgadsby) September 13, 2018

People wanted her back on to host the whole damn thing. Maybe next year, folks.

Hannah Gadsby was on the stage for 45 seconds and that segment was better than anything from these hosts. #Emmys

— Lily Herman (@lkherman) September 18, 2018

Er, #Emmys — y’all should have had Hannah Gadsby host. Those 2 mins were the funniest/timeliest of the entire show.

— Nigel M. Smith (@nigelmfs) September 18, 2018

“Nobody knows what jokes are…especially not men. Am I right fellahs?” Hannah Gadsby, providing she is WAY funnier than every SNL alum who presented or did a bit onstage at the #Emmys tonight.

— Eric Deggans at NPR (@Deggans) September 18, 2018

why didn’t hannah gadsby host the emmys why oh why did they choose a warm bowl of oatmeal instead

— Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) September 18, 2018

Emmy Award to Hannah Gadsby for this bit right now.

— Kevin Fallon (@kpfallon) September 18, 2018

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