So it snowed in Seattle, and the dogs are loving it

So it snowed in Seattle, and the dogs are loving it

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Image: David Ryder / getty

2017%252f09%252f18%252f2b%252fjackbw5.32076.jpg%252f90x90By Jack Morse

So it snowed in Seattle. Like, a lot. And wouldn’t you know it, the city’s canine residents can’t get enough. 

An unusually powerful winter storm dropped over six inches on the Pacific Northwest city Feb. 9 — a “new daily record” according to the National Weather Service, which also happens to report that more snow is on the way. That hasn’t stopped Seattle’s dogs from making the most of the surprise snow day. 

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And, thankfully for us, their humans decided to capture a bit of the fun for social-media posterity. 

Now all they need is some warm doggy treats, and these pups will feel right at home in their newly minted winter wonderland. 

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