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Sudan protesters warn ‘remnants of Bashir regime’ still at work

Sudan's principal protest group has demanded the immediate formation of a civilian-led government to replace the country's new ruling military council, warning that the demonstrators' "revolution" faces threat from "the remnants of the regime" of deposed leader Omar al-Bashir. Fearing that the core of the old establishment is far from gone, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA)…

Sudanese protesters keep up pressure on Bashir

Thousands of protesters have rallied for a second successive day outside the headquarters of the Sudanese army in the capital, Khartoum, urging the country's military to back their demands for President Omar al-Bashir to resign. Chanting "Sudan is rising, the army is rising," crowds massed on Sunday outside the complex, which also houses Bashir's official…

Sudan football fans clash with police, call on Bashir to leave

Fans at a football match in Sudan's capital chanted slogans demanding President Omar al-Bashir step down and later clashed with police in the Khartoum suburb of Omdurman. Video clips posted online show the fans in the stadium chanting "the people want to bring down the regime," one of the main slogans of the Arab Spring…