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Australia called to act against Chinese detention of Uighurs

Melbourne, Australia – Members of the Uighur Muslim community in Australia are renewing calls for action from the government amid reports that a number of Australian permanent residents are effectively trapped in China's Xinjiang province. The Guardian reported on Monday that at least 17 Australian residents are being held under house arrest, in prison or…

Exposed: China’s surveillance of Muslim Uighurs

Zonguldak, Turkey - The Turkish coal-mining town of Zonguldak seems an unlikely place to meet a man who says he's a Chinese spy, but it's here where Yusuf Amat arranged to meet us. Sitting in the lobby of a hotel overlooking the Black Sea, waiting for him to arrive, I wonder what kind of person…

China is trying to erase the Uighurs and their culture

Just imagine what it would be like if armed security forces stormed into your home, arrested your loved ones, put them in a concentration camp, and took away your children. This is what happened to the family of 44-year-old Turghunjan, who I met while on a visit to Turkey to interview Uighur refugees. Turghunjan owned a jewellery…