Ted Cruz makes a Zodiac Killer Halloween joke in a last-ditch effort to be relatable

Ted Cruz makes a Zodiac Killer Halloween joke in a last-ditch effort to be relatable

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2018%2f04%2f02%2f74%2fheadshot.edeb7By Morgan Sung

The timeline just got a whole lot darker. 

Still recovering from getting roasted for the time the Texas GOP tried to go after Beto O’Rourke for being cool, Ted Cruz has made a last ditch effort to be relatable.

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Cruz tweeted a picture of the Zodiac Killer’s cryptic cipher on Wednesday, adding a festive “Happy Halloween.” 

It’s not the first time Cruz has acknowledged the meme that claims he was the the Zodiac Killer. Last year, he replied to a tweet with the same cipher. 

This time around, it didn’t go over so well. Twitter users chastised him for trying to jump in on the joke. 

As a lifelong Texas voter I am very disappointed that Ted Cruz would be so flip about a real-life serial killer. I was planning on voting a straight GOP ticket, but now I’m thinking about holding my nose and voting for Beto just to make a statement.

— 💀 Spooky Roger 💀 (@iamtherog) October 31, 2018

Others posted their own ciphers. 

Most Twitter users thought Cruz’s attempt at being relatable was distasteful, considering the Zodiac Killer’s murder spree claimed at least five victims. The killer remains unknown. 

imagine being so genuinely awful as a human being that you had to literally pretend to be a serial killer to be more likeable https://t.co/IVXEgx2qsn

— 🔪 Moth Hiss Gristle 🎃 (@spookperson) October 31, 2018

“Here is an amusing tweet that pokes fun at the fact that when people see my face they think about one of the creepiest serial killers in American history” https://t.co/HrcV2664yO

— Ike Barinholtz (@ikebarinholtz) October 31, 2018

Ted … what are you doing?

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