Tesla makes its 100,000th Model 3

Tesla makes its 100,000th Model 3

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Tesla Model 3 orders have picked up.
Tesla Model 3 orders have picked up.

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Tesla is catching up.

The electric car maker has been long struggling to keep up with car orders for its newest electric sedan, the Model 3, but this week it hit a major milestone: 100,000 of the cars produced.

That number came in after barely a year and a half after Tesla started producing the car. Its sedan Model S and SUV Model X didn’t come close to that type of production number in that amount of time.

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The achievement comes after a rough “production hell” year with Tesla missing its goals and hitting several roadblocks. Tesla overall pretty much caught up to Mercedes-Benz in third-quarter sales, according to MarketWatch. That’s 64,727 Teslas sold compared to 66,542 Mercedes vehicles. Tesla has its Model X and Model S, along with the more affordable Model 3.

The boost in Tesla orders comes before the Monday cut-off for a hefty federal tax credit. Car orders made by Monday are eligible for $7,500 refund, while anyone buying a Tesla afterward can get $3,750. Then after mid-2019 the credit shrinks to $1,875 before disappearing entirely.

Delivering all these vehicles is another story and something even CEO Elon Musk has apologized about.

Sorry for difficulties delivering your Tesla due to high volume! Critical to show that environmentally sustainable is financially sustainable.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 28, 2018

Another notable achievement this month helped by Tesla sales: the 1 millionth electric vehicle was sold in the U.S.

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