Thank you r/relationships for giving me the drama fix I crave

Thank you r/relationships for giving me the drama fix I crave

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2018%2f04%2f02%2f74%2fheadshot.edeb7By Morgan Sung

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Who doesn’t love internet drama?

I, for one, live for it. Watching someone get ratio’d on Twitter fills me with glee. If someone posts screenshots, I’ll meticulously go through every shred of each snarky text. When I scroll past an argument on Facebook, I can’t help but dive into the thread and digest every single comment. 

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Lurking around internet drama satisfies me more than any Hulu original ever could. When I need to get away from the real world, I turn to vitriolic threads for entertainment. On especially rough days, when I finally tire of bingeing beloved trash shows like Gossip Girl, I venture into the crème de la crème of drama: Reddit’s r/relationships. 

Everyone on r/relationships has a bone to pick: no matter how stable you think your relationship is, it wouldn’t stand a chance against this subreddit. Some posters genuinely want advice, from asking for support through grief to admitting to a drug problem to a partner. But if you’re looking for the messiest of messy, sort r/relationships by controversial and buckle up. 

Sure, your partner might forget to wash the dishes, or they may play too much Fortnite. But at least they aren’t nearly as bad as the OPs of r/relationship’s controversial tab. Here are just a few gems from these insecure, overbearing dumpster fires. 

Exhibit A: The man who feels insecure about his girlfriend’s height. Sorry your girlfriend is too good for you, pal! 

Sometimes you can joyfully watch an OP get torn to shreds in the comments, like this woman who won’t stand up against her hateful family. She even goes as far as dismissing their blatant racism as being “very conservative.” Hard yikes, right?

There are examples that make you want to scream, “Get out!! Get out now!” One woman’s boyfriend, feels threatened that all of his partner’s family members are male. It’s bizarre how deep-set his insecurity runs. 

Apparently, he’s worried that OP has been “masculinized due to being raised by a dad,” and that by spending time with her family, she’ll be “masculinized even more.” 

What does that even mean?  

The subreddit’s infamy has even crossed over to Twitter, where accounts like @redditships screenshot and tweet hilariously unfortunate posts. 

How to break it to my large headed (23F) girlfriend that I don’t want her wearing my (30M) t-shirts anymore because she stretches out the head-hole.

— relationships.txt (@redditships) October 9, 2018

It was even a short lived meme. 

/r/relationships In vain I [28M] have struggled. It will not do. I told her [20F] I love her, most ardently, and she rejects me. Does she expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of her circumstances?

— ikra 🕷 (@dunwaIl) July 24, 2018

r/relationships: I [20F] am about to marry my fiancé [20M] and i want to invite my dad [40M] [40M] [40M] but i can’t tell my mom [40F] and also I don’t know which one is my real dad?

— scary shelley (@emmjolras) July 25, 2018

/r/relationships I [27M] have been pretending to be the ghost of her [17F] father to give her music lessons but I’m worried about making a move because of a facial disfigurement. Should I kidnap her and take her to my underground candlelit lair?

— ✍️ (@neonacropolis) July 23, 2018

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate r/relationships for blessing us with clueless, horrifying, and endlessly entertaining stories of the internet’s worst romantic partners. 

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