The internet’s divided on Nabisco’s animal crackers box redesign

The internet’s divided on Nabisco’s animal crackers box redesign

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Freedom never tasted so good.
Freedom never tasted so good.

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2018%2f07%2f11%2fcc%2fwebp.netresizeimage4.f6ff3By Xavier Piedra

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals just freed five circus animals — well…kind of.

The animals pictured on boxes of Barnum’s Animals Crackers have been released from their cages after PETA pressured Nabisco to redesign the snack’s box art. 

According to a report from the Associated Press, PETA sent a letter to Nabisco’s parent company Mondelēz International in 2016 criticizing the box art that it said glorified the use of circus animals. 

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“Given the egregious cruelty inherent in circuses that use animals and the public’s swelling opposition to the exploitation of animals used for entertainment, we urge Nabisco to update its packaging in order to show animals who are free to roam in their natural habitats,” PETA wrote in the letter, according to the AP.

The company reportedly took what PETA said into consideration, and just recently made the change. The new boxes have started rolling out, and the animals are pictured cage-free and out in the wild. PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman celebrated the change, telling the AP, “The new box for Barnum’s Animals crackers perfectly reflects that our society no longer tolerates the caging and chaining of wild animals for circus shows.”

While Nabisco reportedly didn’t really fight the issue much, the new change has gotten mixed reactions from Twitter. 

Some are here for the new box art, and praised PETA for its advocacy:

Bravo @nabisco for freeing the animals. @peta spoke, and you listened. Been a fan since childhood. Pouring a big glass of milk to salute you.

— Maria Laudisi-Purwin (@curlygirl56) August 21, 2018

I mean, sure, it’s a relatively silly thing to complain about, even for PETA, but… well, I have to hand it to Nabisco: the new design is just plain better looking than the old one.

— Wildfire Darkstar (@FieryDarkstar) August 21, 2018

Kudos to @Nabisco for it’s new and wildly improved packaging for it’s delicious animal crackers! Nice to see the animals free roaming. @peta 👍🐾🦒🦓🐘🦁🦍

— Maria (@savigirl56) August 21, 2018

This new design was way too overdue by @nabisco I’m glad they finally listened to @peta Circuses are harmful to animals…

— Luis D Caldero (@LuisDCaldero) August 21, 2018

I’m going to buy a box of animal crackers today. Thank you Nabisco and Mendelez for redesigning the box. Good work PETA.

— Rose & Co (@kaholarose) August 21, 2018

Other users feel that it was an unnecessary change:

PETA, rather than focusing all of its efforts on mistreatment of actual animals, instead chose to waste time and therefore money on stiff-arming Nabisco into redesigning the packaging for a box of crackers that nobody eats anymore.#mentalillnessonparade

— Nasty Canasta (@nasty_canasta) August 21, 2018

In fairness, @peta won’t be satisfied until Nabisco makes all their animal crackers in the shape of tofu cubes.

— diogenes (@diogenes323bc) August 21, 2018

@peta @nabisco Let you in a lil secret. The animals aren’t real. FFS it’s a cardboard box of animal shaped COOKIES

— kristy farris (@kristyfarris) August 21, 2018

Was there a negotiation

Peta: How about Vegetable Crackers?

Nabisco: well they aren’t made of different Vegetables so that would be confusing.

Peta: How about inedible Animal Crackers?

Nab: Look if we lose the cages will you leave us alone?

Peta: Yesss… Another Win for Peta

— Mike McLean (@1_awesome_life) August 21, 2018

Regardless how folks feel about the redesign, at least the crackers stayed the same. 

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