There’s now a place for shaming companies that use egregious packaging

There’s now a place for shaming companies that use egregious packaging

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Vegetables deserve to be naked.
Vegetables deserve to be naked.

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Excessive packaging is a massive contributor to global waste — and if governments won’t call manufacturers on it, we’re going to have to resort to nerds on Reddit.


Recently launched subreddit r/EgregiousPackaging captures some of the most excessive offenders in the biz. Contributors share photos of the packages they’ve received, often drowning in paper or plastic. 

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Look at this shit.

I live in New York City and I never understood why grocery stories insist on wrapping a single rancid pea in plastic wrap and styrofoam. Why must my 5-month-old snow peas be drowned in BPA?

This container is almost as bad:

This level of meta-wrapping is too much for me:

The pill bottle is going to be okay, folks. It doesn’t need this much swaddling:

Put these drops in a tiny box and call it a day, Amazon:

We all love snack size bags of chips but they don’t deserve this level of plastic protection:

This anti-wrinkle lotion packaging is giving me wrinkles out of stress:


You should be both anti-plastic-straw and anti-plastic-straw packaging.

Tea is tough. It doesn’t need to be protected like this:

This family-size cereal box should have come with a trigger warning:

And this, my friends, is the saddest orange I’ve ever seen.

Share your most egregious packaging stories on r/EgregiousPackaging.  In the meantime, don’t forget to carry a complimentary tote bag wherever you go. 

We know you have them stockpiled, somewhere.

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